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Vulcanelli of Monteleone di Fermo and 25ª Tipicità in Fermo

Saturday, March 4  

As curious phenomenon typical of the clay soils of the hilly areas, the Mud Volcanoes are resurgences occurring with the escape of fine material from the ground pushed to surface by gas making their way along the fractures, forming the “cones” that precisely recall small volcanoes. Their largest activity periods are related to atmospheric precipitation as well as to seismic movements and in some cases bring to light considerable amount of sludge that is poured on the fields flooding large areas and “coloring them” of gray. The folk popular culture associates them with very evocative name, sometimes referring to the Latin words that identify the phenomenon and sometimes linked to events they produce.

Tipicità is the overview of products and events for over twenty years is aimed at understanding and appreciation of the area and its cultural and gastronomic delights. We in fact expose the various municipalities with the peculiarities that distinguish them as typical products of local crafts and trades, as well as historical and artistic beauties of the typical medieval villages of the inland. Over time we have added foreign guests and a sector is reserved for the fair-market in which the various manufacturers offer tastings and sell directly to the public. In the three days there will also play conferences, lessons and tastings while the nearby historyc centre of Fermo hosts the connected events of Tipicità in the City.

Sunday, March 5  

Grotta di Patino and 54ª Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Nero pregiato di Norcia

The inhabitants of the Mountain have always done work related to the natural resources devoted to the cutting of forests, coal production, breeding and sheep-farming adapting well to stay away from home for several days “striving” to use natural shelters in which to spend the night or find shelter from bad weather and the cold, in particular by using the karst caves that open on the sides of mountains. The Cave of Patino you arrive starting from the pass of Ancarano (important step for the Valley Castoriana even before the Romans) and the big cave “look” the Plains of st. Scolastica with Norcia where one senses its use since prehistoric times for tracks smoke on the walls and on the roof.

Founded by Sabini in the fifth century bc, Norcia is named after the goddess of fortune Northia and is famous for being in the fifth century, the birthplace of st. Benedict and st. Scholastica, the first considered the father of Western monasticism with the spread of its Benedictine “Rule” and today the patron saint of Europe. The city is also famous for its several typical products such as cheeses, the colored Castelluccio lentils, the IGP ham with the whole “Norcineria” and the black Truffle that since the 50’s is dedicated the Market Exhibition that takes place in beautiful scenery of Piazza san Benedetto on which overlooks the town hall, the basilica and the castellina and in the streets of the country along with traditional folk events.

Saturday, March 11  

Piandelloro from Fosso dei Mottari and visit of Acquasanta Terme

The Monte Ceresa group is the pre-Apennines between Acquasanta Terme, Montegallo and Roccafluvione, immediately east of the Sibillini and Laga. Kingdom of vast woods, sandstone and water is littered with small and scattered villages that were once productive settlements to the migrations that have deserted them. The route runs through the ancient entrance to Piandelloro village going up the Fosso dei Mottari with interesting natural features passing through several typical buildings of the area: small houses in blocks of sandstone often against the walls and unhedged. In the stretch of Case Casale you can admire beautiful waterfalls on the sandstone banks from the seasonal flow.

Obligatory point of passage along the ancient via Salaria consular, Acquasanta Terme gets its name from the hot sulphurous springs and rich with minerals that the Romans exploited with therapeutic baths when the country was a station and then also used in 800 by Charlemagne until the existing factory on the Tronto; the karst generated by the chemical action has also produced a system of caves and important travertine deposits (including the “Acquasanta” variety). For its workability the particular sedimentary limestone has always been used for the buildings as can be seen in the church of st. John the Baptist and in the many villages in the area to the historical center of Ascoli Piceno with its white monuments.

Sunday, March 12 

Monti delle Cesane and 33ª Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianchetto in Fossombrone

The forests of Monti delle Cesane were once a real “mine of wood”, so that the name dates back to the word caedere, ie cut. After an excessive consumption that had stripped the entire area it was decided the reforestation of 1,469.63 hectares in 1915-18 using the labor of prisoners Austrian soldiers by planting first Blacks Austrian Pines, then a very large variety of other conifers, creating a true open air “catalog” to such species. These include Maritime and Aleppo Pines, Cypress, Fir trees and Cedars that year by year recreated the ground necessary to the gradual return of the native trees and shrubs such as Juniper, Flowering ash, Maple, Holm oaks and Hornbeam that now make up the State Forest.

The ancient Town of Forum Sempronii is located along the Consular Flaminia and today is one of the seven Archaeological Parks of the Marches; between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries was chosen as a country residence by the Della Rovere. For over 30 years we organize the Sales Exhibition of the Bianchetto Truffle in March, the best time for its collection both in quantity and in quality, which is hollow especially under the black Pines in the near Cesane Forest and despite being less known than his cousin White, it is still a tuber of high quality that the Show enhances along with other local products of Valmetauro. The event also includes the Race of Dogs to measure and reward their “flair” for the research.



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