Regatta at San Ruffino 2016

The 6th annual sailboat regatta will be sponsored once again by the Club Vela di Porto Civitanova, organised under the auspices of Anna Mariani and Stefano Castori and supported by members of Dimensione Natura and will take place April 25 & 26. This event will take place at the Osteria del Lago on Lake San Ruffino, located in both Monte San Martino and Amandola. This international competition will feature sailboats of both the snipe and fd (flying Dutchman) class. Prior to and after the competition, visitors will be able to rent pedal boats, kayaks and canoes for their enjoyment. In the adjacent field, children can enjoy donkeys on Saturday and pony rides on Sunday. The manicured lawns of the Osteria del Lago will accommodate many craft and local food-products. When hunger strikes, there are various food options, including food stands and the restaurant Osteria del Lago, which requires prior reservations for dinner and supper both Saturday and Sunday. Please contact Luciana at 0733-660477 or 339-8456083. In addition to itineraries encompassing the patrimony of the local towns (the museums of Monte San Martino and Smerillo will be open both days), nature walks will be available.


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