About MarchePlace, Marisa Nanni

  • erbe selvatiche

The most difficult part is to describe who I am:

I was born at home in Montottone, few hours after my mother just made homebread!
We are 4 brothers and 7 sisters , 12 children in total, I was number 11th, this may explain why I am so ” lay back”.
I love being amongst people, talking, organize group outings, cooking, I  always thinks of something to do….

My own family is not so “XL”, we are three in total, no, actually 5 , including my dog Harlock and Mia the cat, only recently I have accepted pets in my home, now they totally are part of our family !

I have an inquisitive mind, I decided to study Mechanics at the Montani school after having visited its beautiful laboratories, now a museum of ” Innovation of Industrial Technology“.
I hold a degree in Cultural Heritage and IT , my thesis was on the web ‘s evolution .  I have participated at the course for training in recognizing wild herbs and plants , held by ” the Academy of wild herbs“, I even have a certificate!

I love talking about nature, rural landscapes, kitchen gardens, cooking, astronomy, the  sea, and ,why not , donkeys and bicycles.
I am happy to advise on viewing of artisanal labs, visiting together art exhibitions, perhaps even going there by walking  …

I would like simply talk of what I see everyday, because each time I go for a walk and look at the sky I am always surprised at what I see, feel and breath.
Perhaps looking at information on how to make home made bread, cultivate a small kitchen garden, preserve the region where I live it’ s a way to carry on what my parents simply did. This memory has a “good taste” and I believe that all this  is “a good knowledge ” to pass on to future generation .

Ps: I adore coffee and talking!