Walks and Guided Tours 19-20 March 2016

 Saturday 19 March 2016

Monti delle Cesane and XXXII Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianchetto in Fossombrone.

The forests of Monti delle Cesane were once a real “mine of wood”, so that the name dates back to the word caedere, ie cut. After an excessive consumption that had stripped the entire area it was decided the reforestation of 1,469.63 hectares in 1915-18 using the labor of prisoners Austrian soldiers by planting first Blacks Austrian Pines, then a very large variety of other conifers, creating a true open air “catalog” to such species. These include Maritime and Aleppo Pines, Cypress, Fir trees and Cedars that year by year recreated the ground necessary to the gradual return of the native trees and shrubs such as Juniper, Flowering ash, Maple, Holm oaks and Hornbeam that now make up the State Forest.

The ancient Town of Forum Sempronii is located along the Consular Flaminia and today is one of the seven Archaeological Parks of the Marches; between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries was chosen as a country residence by the Della Rovere. For over 30 years we organize the Sales Exhibition of the Bianchetto Truffle in March, the best time for its collection both in quantity and in quality, which is hollow especially under the black Pines in the near Cesane Forest and despite being less known than his cousin White, it is still a tuber of high quality that the Show enhances along with other local products of Valmetauro. The event also includes the Race of Dogs to measure and reward their “flair” for the research.

Selva di Gallignano and XLIV Rassegna Internazionale della Passione in Polverigi.

The Selva di Gallignano is an important Botanical Garden of 15 hectares (of which 8 inside the Selva of the homonymous village of Ancona) set up on 4 September 2000 on 100 acres of the Minicipality and managed wisely ecological-vegetation by the Polytechnic University of Marche together with Azienda Agraria Didactic-Experimental of organic farming. In particular, the Selva is a Floristic Protected Area and represents a rare example of “native woods” of the coastal hills spared  from antrhropization in which there are still present 5 different forest formations. By flower beds were rebuilt humid environments, roccaglia Mediterranean and the edge of the forest along with a sensory route and the germplasm bank.

Polverigi, in the fifteenth century one of the twenty Castles of the Maritime Republic of Ancona, binds its curious name to “powder” sandy soil typical of the area. In 1202 was chosen for the signing of the Peace of Polverigi, the crucial pact between Fermo, Osimo and Ancona which marked the end of the medieval imperial power with the start of the communal age. For many years home in the Palm Sunday, the Festival of the Passion, the singing of the Passio’ taken from laud “Hours of the Passion” of twelfth century, typical of the Marche where hundreds of musicians and singers represent it for homes in auspicious sign in return begging for charity lunch by adding a Saltarello with organ, harpsichord and eardrum.

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