Pottery workshop

The Pottery Workshop. Potters tell the story of their tradition. Immerse yourself in the work shop. Handling the clay in the very same atmosphere of the original potter’s shop. Hands on explanation of the different phases of producing the pottery which tell the story of a whole area and it’s way of life.

Hide Castle, Collina Vecchia

The Hidden Castle in Spring

Spring walks at Collina Vecchia. A hike that will cross the countryside of Montottone, retracing old paths that carry genuine traces of the legacy of sharecropping and admire the bright colors of spring.


Snowshoe hiking in the Monti Sibillini

A unique and unmissable hiking experience for lovers of snow.
Snowshoe hiking experiences, which will allow you to discover corners of the plain, or follow specific circular routes that surround the mountains.


Food for Earth Day 2020

Food for Earth Day 2020 is the way to celebrate this new era: 24 hours marathon around the Globe and 24 different sessions in different Countries. It’s the largest lesson on the regenerative power of food systems.

cheese making WORKSHOP

Cheese making Workshop

We teaching the art of home cheeses making, sharing our passion and knowledge in various hands, on cheese making workshops. Our aim is to take the mystery out of making cheese, […]