Beekeeping Workshop

Introduction to Beekeeping Workshop.

beekeeping workshop

Are you interested in keeping bees and having your own honey, but don’t know where to start? Join beekeeper Paolo Albucci from for an introduction to the buzzing world of bees. Paolo will teach you all about industrious bees and the substances – other than honey – you can harvest: what’s required to get started in beekeeping; how to examine the hive; and how to hone your honey skills.

Learn about the wonderful workings of the Hive, reconnect with nature, forget the stresses of life and ‘bee’ mindful!

  • Tuesday , February 25, 2020 Part 1
    2+ hours in the classroom. + Basic bee biology
  • Thursday , March 19, 2018, Part 2
    Three hours hands-on in an apiary

Suit up for a look at what’s going on in the hive. Conduct an inspection with an experienced beekeeper at Albucci teaching apiary.
Where: Apicoltura Albucci Paolo, sede aziendale: via Cisterna 70, Monsampietro Morico (FM).

*Classes are limited to 12 participants.

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