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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Grotte di Frasassi and XXI Festa della Sapa in Rosora.

At the center of the Park that also includes the Red Gorge, Frasassi Caves is a vast and articulated complex of cavity which is spread over several levels within Mount Valmontagnana of which the level at the Fiume Sentino visited thanks to an artificial tunnel that leads to the first great room. Discovered in 1971 by a small and inconvenient entrance at the top, they were opened to the public three years later after the construction of the path of 600 meters and skilful lighting of the “tourist” portion, the easier of the entire underground hypogeum that it extends for 13 km, where the result of 190 million years of “work” of Nature shows the very amazing concretions of incredible shapes and sizes.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Grotta di santa Lucia and XXXIII Mostra Mercato del Tartufo in Apecchio.

The group of Nerone was in the past chosen as the home of many religious in various parts of the mountain they have made “rocky” hermitages where lead ascetic life immersed in nature and meditative contemplation of the sweeping panoramas. Going up Fosso del Trogolone where the water forms a series of small waterfalls we arrive quickly at the Grotto of st. Lucia, an environment created between XII and XIII century with stones closing the cavity formed by the layers ofsloping rocks of Mount Carpineto with the opening facing east. The saint is represented in the frescoes decorating the small altar and closes the deepest part of the Hypogeum also used later as a shelter for shepherds and carpenters.

Apecchio is 500 meters above sea level at the point where the ditch Menatoio flows into the torrent Biscubio in an area particularly rich in good water that flows also from sulfur springs and trace elements, provided that favored the production of a good beer. The basement of the building Ubaldini house the Museum of Fossils and Minerals of Monte Nerone, among the largest in Europe, and in the nearby Colombara the famous wood Globe of Peace. The pristine and “generous” nature produces delicious fruits of the forest, in particular on all the Truffle to which is dedicated the Market Exhibition tasting also in the historical cellars of the country engaged in medieval inns and in the Street of Tastes where is also held the market.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Traditional mass at Grotta dei Frati and XLI Sagra dei Sughitti in Montecassiano.

The Cave of the Friars is the ancient hermitage where they lived for three centuries “dissidents” Friars Clareni in a spiritual retreat in close contact with the majestic nature of the Gorges Fiastrone and where they went only occasionally to go down to ask for a minimum of alms and preach their private life choice. The cavity, now available with a convenient path which “flies” over the waters of the river, is located in a beautiful panoramic position and still retains vestiges of the ancient religious presence, organized to adapt to the harsh conditions of the environment. On some days of the year the place becomes used again to celebrate mass in a rural atmosphere of spirituality truly unique.

Montecassiano is one of the medieval villages that best represents the typical inland of Marche: small, build in adobe, collected on top of the hill, enclosed in the ancient city walls and with the functional structure in concentric streets that develop following the contour lines around the nucleus of the central square. Certified as both Borgo Italy’s most beautiful that Orange Flag, keeps alive its own historical identity with several cultural events including the Festival of Sughitti, the characteristic “farmer sweet” made during the harvest using the must (both of white and black grapes) to instead of water to mix the corn flour with the addition of sugar and nuts and let it then cool and coagulate on porcelain dishful.

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