Walks and Guided Tours November 2017

Bosco di Cugnolo in the 106° anniversary of the story of Grotta degli Amanti

1 November 2017

The Floristic Protected Area (number 85) of Bosco di Cugnolo is one of the last examples of “original” Macchia Mediterranea along the whole Adriatic as its 5 hectares of vegetation have escaped anthropization due to the particular nature and shape of the hill has “hijacked” the human presence to other areas. The easy and pleasant path that runs it in ring allows us to appreciate the remarkable biodiversity resulting from protection through trees by the impressive size, funny dens of animals and unusual plant species. In most parts of the trail you can also admire the interesting geological history of the place through the emergence of the different sedimentary layers dating from the Pliocene.

Paesaggi d’Acqua 2: from Villa Pilotti to Tennacola and 12ª Saperi e Sapori della Mela Rosa Saporosa dei Monti Azzurri in Monte san Martino

4 November 2017

Paesaggi d’Acqua is the project trails between the towns of Gualdo, Penna san Giovanni and sant’Angelo in Pontano that develops more than 50 km between the valleys of Salino and Tennacola. The theme that “binds and unites” the entire network of trails is obviously the water from the Salino, which the salt ponds in use in Roman times, to the one that powers the mills of Tennacola to the sulfur of the ditch Patenetta used in the thermal complex of Villa Saline. The network is through the three historic towns and the countryside of the rolling hills of the Macerata area with woods at the top and riparian vegetation along the waterways. The route number 2 is developed from Villa Pilotti to the stream Tennacola.

Abbadia di Fiastra and 11ª Cantinette in Petriolo

5 November 2017

In 1142 the Cistercian monks began the construction of Abbey of st. Mary of Clairvaux of Fiastra using in part the materials of the Roman Urbs Salvia giving life to the monastic center organized into six “grange” which for three centuries was a reference for a vast territory including also other Abbeys. Since 1985 the 1.825 hectares of Abbadia are a State Reserve divided in the three zones of protection, anthropological and oriented including the Selva, the rare and beautiful lowland wood of high trees place of meditation and prayer of the religious, intact witness of the environment before ‘700. The visit path follows the stream Fiastra to the lake the Veins for bird watching and passes for the deer breeding.



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