The Martese Wood

The Martese Wood is one of those places where the linear and fixed geometry of the wood itself strikes the visitors eye immediately. The pathways clamber up in a modest slope and you suddenly realise you have found yourself in front of a habitat of inestimable natural value where the Marten and Wild Cats are still living. We arrive at the Lake of the Beat leaving the slopes of the wood where the easy level ground allows you to admire on all sides (360degrees) the beautiful scenery of the Gran Sasso and the Sibillini Mountains. We will stop in the Vetuste Forest at the lake where the bent trees deformed by the wind and the snow assume unusual and fascinating shapes. On our return in irder to appreciate in full the beauty of this area we will have a picnic tea with typical produce of the Abruzzo.


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The Park can be experienced through a wide range of itineraries combining nature and cultural interests.

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Hiking 8 October 2017:

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