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Monte Sorbo and Lago di Talvacchia

The Valley of Castellano back the same name stream penetrating into wooded Monti della Laga passing first to the perched village of Castel Trosino and then to the Lake Talvacchia meeting small and “lost” villages of houses made of blocks of sandstone in testimony to the work that once he animated the mountain of woodsmen, shepherds and farmers. The easy ridge of Monte Sorbo apart from being a little known and quiet trail offers beautiful “green views” by connecting the village of Forcella to that of st. Gregory, the birthplace in 1798 of Giovanni Piccioni, the honest and upright bandit who also moves against the Piedmontese army defeated over the papal soldiers in the decisive battle of Castelfidardo.

The vast territory of Ascoli Piceno extends toward the Monti della Laga littered with small and remotest villages including the village of Talvacchia built on the hill where first arrived the monks Farfensi to build the church dedicated to st. Gregory the Great. The origins date back to the ancient feud of Rufignano Castle and the scenic location was an important point of control and defense over the Valle del Castellano, the border between Marche and Abruzzo, against banditry and clashes with the French army. Since 1960, the small country “faces” on the homonymous Lake formed by the high dam blocking the torrent Castellano which waters are rich in minnows fish in fall usually go down to unearth the old bridges and houses.

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