Vulcanelli of Monteleone di Fermo and XXIV Tipicità in Fermo.

Saturday 5 March 2016

As curious phenomenon typical of the clay soils of the hilly areas, the Mud Volcanoes are resurgences occurring with the escape of fine material from the ground end pushed to the surface by gas making their way along the fractures, forming the “cones” that precisely recall small volcanoes. Their largest activity periods are related to atmospheric precipitation as well as to seismic movements and in some cases bring to light considerable amount of sludge that is poured on the fields flooding large areas and “coloring them” of gray. The folk popular culture associates them with very evocative name, sometimes referring to the Latin words that identify the phenomenon and sometimes linked to events they produce.

Tipicità is the overview of products and events for over twenty years is aimed at understanding and appreciation of the area and its cultural and gastronomic delights. We in fact expose the various municipalities with the peculiarities that distinguish them as typical products of local crafts and trades, as well as historical and artistic beauties of the typical medieval villages of the hinterland. Over time we have added foreign guests and a sector is then reserved for the fair-market in which the various manufacturers offer tastings and sell their products directly to the public. During the three days there will also play several events such as conferences and tastings. For some years Tipicità also has its own summer version.

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