Tipicità: Made in Marche Festival

The exhibition of the best made in Marche typical products and wines. The ultimate showcase of the most tasty traditional products along with the break-out treats.
Tipicità food & wine is the must have milestone for professionals, foodies, gourmets, food & food trotters looking for authentic taste and delicious traditions. Two main areas would provide a full immersion in Marche’s taste scenario:
Tipicità Marche Expo, exhibition path dedicated to typical products, DOC and DOCG wines, traditional food chains, new products and the best Marche’s brands in food and wine.
Tipicità Green, a traditional marketplace conceived to ease confrontation between producer and customer. A place where you can taste, talk and discover the secrets behind Marche’s traditions. A special spotlight will be on farm brewing beer and organic food in two dedicated path named: Beer… from Marche, and Bio Horizon.

Traditional marketplace where customers can meet, talk and buy from the producer.

The showcase of Marche’s organic food! Healthy products in full respect for the environment.

Marche region has a peculiar history, made of artisans in little workshops carved their path to the international fame in fashion, design and art.

Art & genius is an area conceived to celebrate their genius and their precious creations, and of course a promenade to discover and get authentic treasures directly from the hand of the maker.

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