PIF2017 Accordion International Prize and award for soloist and groups

42st International “Città di Castelfidardo” Accordion Prize for Soloists and Groups

PIF2017 promotes research and study of chamber music for accordion with ACCORDI[on]STAGE Academy, reserved for classes of Accordion, Chamber Music and Music Together of the Conservatories. One or more students of the accordion class will take part in chamber music at a concert scheduled for Friday 15 September 2017 in the prestigious setting of PIF2017.

These criteria for participation in ACCORDI[on]STAGE Academy:

  • Number of conservatory students: max 5
  • Free Directory: premieres, original compositions or arrangements of any musical genre
  • Duration of the performance: 15 minutes max.

This project is an extraordinary opportunity for concert performances at prestigious PIf2017 stage. The organizer facilitate the participation of young competitors. Those registered will be reserved for overnight stay for two nights.
For info info@pifcastelfidardo.it | Prize secretary 071 7829349.



SoundArtCorners: the locations
P.le Don Minzoni
Via XVIII Settembre (angolo S.Anna)
Piazza della Repubblica
Piazza Leopardi
Via Mazzini
Galleria via Matteotti-XXIV Maggio
Via Mordini


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