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International Jazz Contest Massimo Urbani

International competition for jazz soloists

The International Massimo Urbani Award is intended to honor the memory of the legendary saxophonist Roman, with the aim of identifying emerging young jazz musicians, contributing to the development of their artistic career and dissemination of jazz.


The Massimo Urbani Award is the most prestigious international competition for soloists from 1996 discovers the young jazz talents, whose purpose is to attract outstanding young musicians in our area. The Award was established in 1996 Urbisaglia (MC), from an idea of ​​artistic director Paul Piangiarelli in memoria inMassimo Urbani, Roman brilliant saxophonist who died prematurely. The Prize, that now involves the city of Camerino, Urbisaglia and Macerata, organized by the Cultural Musicamdo, has managed over the years to promote and give visibility to young musicians soon became stars of the jazz. The prestige thus acquired has enabled the prize of becoming the stage of absolute prominence for the young jazz talents International. From 2004 thanks to the support of the University of Camerino, Camerino to the winner of the Prize is also awarded the Urban Jazz Camerino, a contribution which allows the winners to record their first album by professionals.

Just to have an idea we list the winners of the PIMU and that today are known as prominent musicians of the international jazz scene: Rosario Giuliani, Alfonso Deidda, Francesco Cafiso, Gianluca Petrella, Luigi Grasso, Nico Gori, Massimiliano Ionata, Emanuele Basentini, Agostino Di Giorgio, Dino Rubino, Julian Mazzariello, Roberto Caon, Antonella Leotta, Ciara Arnette, Luke Mannutza, Massimo D’Avola, Claudio Filippini, Sergio Casale, Andrea Pimazzoni, Luigi Vitale, Walter Ricci, Bepi D’Amato, Robert Anchipolosky (sax alto), Antonio Prencipe, Faustina Sokolov, Alessandro Lanzoni, Andrea Rea, Francesco Martians, Yakir Arbib, Marco Ferri, Marco Guidolotti, Alessandro Usai, Fabio Giachino.

The significance of the award and its value has not only been recognized by the public but by the same musicians over the years have contributed to its realization, as members of the jury or the rhythmic musicians accompanying the competitors as:Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Massimo Moriconi, Paolino Dalla Porta, Massimo Manzi, Fabrizio Sferra, Renato Sellani, Barbara Casini, Paolo Birro, Richard Arrighini as well as celebrities from the world of critics such asMarcello Piras.

The P.I.M.U. has enjoyed the support of the territory thanks to its partnerships in recent years with the City of Urbs Salvia and the Municipality of Camerino (MC), the Province of Macerata and Camerino University of Camerino that you are not limited to support the initiative but has also contributed to its development. So thanks to the success of investments, in 2007 Massimo Urbani Award becomes international with the name of International Massimo Urbani Award with the goal of extending the boundaries of the prize abroad, attracting the participation of young international talents that, through strict selections and live a prestigious final evening, have the opportunity to perform and be judged by a jury of industry experts.

On Line il  BANDO 2015
4,5,6 giugno 2015 CAMERINO (MC)
President of the Jury: Enrico Rava

Download the competition notice »by  30 april

Cultural Association MusiCamDo
Viale Leopardi, 42 – 62032 Dressing room – MC
Tel. 328.6111678

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