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Saturday 7 May 2016

Ripa Bianca and XXI Palio of san Floriano in Jesi.

The regional reserve of Ripa Bianca named by the gullies that plow the steep slopes of the hills that surround it to the south, the geological formations that are the result of the strong land use whose excessive deforestationcauses leaching of soil eroding the hills. Prior to the establishment of the Protected Area (in 2003) the area was even used as a landfill and gravel he drew from the lake but today is an important basin attended by both resident and migratory birds, and in particular the Night Herons. The other sensible recovery has been the creation of small farms and vegetable gardens “surrounded” by hedges and tree-like were once integral part of the rural landscape of the Marche region.

The Palio of saint Florian is the reenactment that Jesi dedicating to the ancient patron martyred May 4, 304 ad whose first edition dates back to the far 1227. The modern version has been revived in 1994 with the religious ceremony in memory of the presentation of the Pallium (the cloth silk depicting saint Florian or the Lion of Jesi), the subjection of the Castles of the Respublica Aesina to the mother city made together with the offer of wax, later replaced by conspicuous donation of money. It is part of the “flared”, race between children that evokes the legend of the challenge between the holy and the Devil to get first to ring the bells followed by the Games with race of the ring and the eight days of Fair from April 30 to May 8.


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