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Monte Petrella and Codardo and XXII ArtiStrada in Colmurano

Saturday 16th July 2016

Mountains Petrella and Codardo can be found in the Flower Area of the Sibillini National Park, namely in the area northeast of the chain where the hard and thick limestone has been eroded and polished by atmospheric agents “smoothing” tops up to make the highlands at altitudes significantly lower compared to the southern peaks of the Group. This configuration allows a remarkable richness and variety of plant species that can be admired along the loop that starts fromVilla and ends at Tribbio where you get to the Castle, the Home of the Park with the Museum of Carbonaie, and the Butterfly Garden. Along the way, you can enjoy great views, especially with out towards the Lake Fiastra and the Gorges.

Colmurano is the small town of Macerata along the Fiastra river that preserves the fortified structure in the walls with towers that take the curious name of “Rioti”. For the front Ogival Door before of 1200 dominated by the angular tower and once equipped with a drawbridge leads to the Church of st. Rocco (or the Lodge), to the one of the Annunciation with inside a fresco of Nativity painted by Giovanni Andrea de Magistris in 1560 and that of st. Donato whose reliquaries contain a Cross and Holy Thorn. There is also the memory Museum of Renzo C. Ventura. In July organizes ArtiStrada, festivals dedicated to Buskers for three days animates the village and combined with the cellars and pizza festival Pizzagra.

Monte Carpegna and XIII Feast of the Prosciutto DOP in Carpegna

Sunday 17th July 2016

The Monte Carpegna is a limestone relief of 1415 meters above the same name village in the Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, at the boundary between Marche, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, covered by lush forests with typical vegetation of Apennines, as hornbeam, oak, maple and ash and the sole exception of Ripa dei Salti, visible from a considerable distance, where outcrops the sedimentary rock that constitutes it. The southern slope at the beginning of the twentieth century was the subject of a large and dense conifer reforestation which “humus” has allowed the slow return of spontaneous vegetation avoiding the risk of landslides and its 415 acres are now one of the 15 State Forests of Marche.

Carpegna is considered the capital of the Montefeltro and gave birth to the Counts of Carpegna which descended from families Malatesta, Montefeltro and Della Faggiola of known Uguccione. It is also famous for the mysterious event of november 1970 when the bells of the church of st. Nicolò for a year “played” without moving. Among the culinary excellence has the Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP, one of the five recognized in Italy and the processing of which must be longer than 13 months. To it is dedicated the Festival in July where during the three-day event you can taste it in the streets of the town along with events from the Fair to the realization of the “world’s longest sandwich” arrived at 84 meters.


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