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Nature Walk and Artichoke Sagra in Montottone

Our Sunday is devoted to finding out about our local hillside walks. We will get to know some of the most frequent types of wild plants of our area amongst which is Wild Mustard. We will also find the first examples of wild orchids a precious gift of our habitat. This will be a journey through our countryside inherited from our fore-fathers, winding through gentle hills coloured with wild flowers, passing by old churches and old farm houses.
The trip will finish at the Sagra del Carciofi ( Artichokes) with lunch to taste the speciality of the Festa. In the price is included a first and second course based on artichokes.
An English Homeopath who dearly loves our hillsides will also be taking part in the nature walk.

Info, costs and booking:
12 € for adults and 5€ for children under 8 years of age.
The price includes lunch at the Artichoke Festa of one pasta dish and one artichoke second course.
RCT insured.
Walking guide Andrea Piccirilli MR153
Andrea Piccirilli 3282932998
andreapiccirilli67@gmail .com
Marisa Nanni 3315663599

Technical data of the trip:
About10km in total there and back.
Difference in incline 170 metres
Time about 4 hours
Tourist pathway

What to bring and wear:
Long trousers ( walk could be through long grass)
Walking boots
I litre if water
Rain jacket
Snack or dried fruit
Sunglasses and hat

Meeting place
9 am Piazza Mario Cifola Montottone

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