Dog friendly beaches

Ancona – Dog friendly beach

Dogs are allowed at Bath Tropical n. 20. The ban on dogs Access is from May 1 to September 30. In the winter time period dogs are allowed as an exception to the order of the Port Authority.

Dog friendly beaches in the Conero Riviera

The largest dog friendly beach is the one just north of the Fiumarella creek, known as the “Fiumarella” beach.

For more information please contact: tel. 071. 9799084 – tel. 071. 759971

Along the Conero Riviera, you can find dog friendly beaches where dogs are welcome.

One is a 125 meter stretch of beach located on the left side of the Musone river along the northern Porto Recanati seafront.

Another is a 100 meter stretch of beach located by the Potenza river along the southern Porto Recanati seafront. Both beaches are public and you have to keep your dog on a leash.

Civitanova Marche – Dog friendly beach

To the north the beach is wide and sandy with shallow sea water; the southern beach is both sandy and pretty rocky with deep sea water.
Dogs are allowed in the following bathing establishments:

Tel. 0733781351

Tel. 0733770287

Tel. 0733771198

Tel. 0733770255


Cima d’amore
Tel. 0733817900

Tel. 073370715- 392.9074966

Lido Cristallo
tel. 0733771198 to 3494033765.

Free beach Amici di Fido
Tel. 0733781228

Cupra Marittima – Dog friendly beach

– Chalet Gabbiano
– Chalet Terrazzo sul Mare
– Chalet BA Beach
– Chalet Gabry
– Chalet Borghetto

Fano – Dog friendly beach

To the southeast runs the Spiaggia Sassonia, a long strand of pebbly beach with a wide promenade. To the northwest runs the shorter Spiaggia Lido, all sand and serried rows of beach umbrellas – the livelier of the two. The dog friendly beach in the Arzilla area is currently given in part in concession to the company run by Guerra Fabio and called Bau Beach; it is partly a free beach for dogs and must be equipped with canopies, showers and wooden chests for recycling.
In Ponte Sasso area – via Lungomare Faa Di Bruno is the Islamorada Dog Beach, run by Matteo Garofoli, with an adjoining part of free area, equipped by the neighboring operator.

Gabicce Mare – Dog friendly beach

The fine sandy beach, which includes short parts of gravel beach with deep sea water, is one of the Marche’s best equipped beaches. Gabicce Mare boasts numerous bathing establishments, some of them are pet-friendly.

Grottammare – Dog friendly beach

This smaller resort on the southern Marche “Palm Riviera” boasts 5km of fine sandy beaches. equipped with several beach resorts. At the mouth of the Tesino river is a wide area for dogs, the Free Beach n. 14. The dog friendly beach, located at the free beach n. 14, occupies 1428 square meters and is bounded with fishing net and wooden poles. It is made of two areas; the first one covers an area of 414 square meters, providing a drinking fountain, a shower, hedges of pitosfor, plants and bushes of tamarisk; the second one is open to the waterfront and covers a surface of 1014 square metres, where dogs can swim.
According to the existing regulations, all beach resorts can accommodate dogs and other animals of small size, equipped with a muzzle and a leash, and have to be placed in the last row of beach umbrellas. The owner must hold the dog in their arms until he reaches the assigned beach umbrella; the dog must have a bowl of water and should always be kept on a leash under the beach umbrella; it is forbidden to bring the dog on the shoreline, near the cabins and showers and in places where people normally eat. The owner of the dog must be equipped to collect the dog droppings, that can’t be left on the beach.

Marotta – Dog friendly beach

There are both sandy and pebbled beaches, equipped with modern beach resorts. The beach is characterized by the recovery of a pier, which has become one of the main tourist attractions.  Along the promanade Cristoforo Colombo, in an area called ” Le Vele”, there’s a dog friendly space (indicated with signs).

Numana – Dog friendly beach

Numana Bassa beach stretches south of the port until Marcelli, boasting a large beach, campgrounds and holiday clubs. The pebbled beach is equipped with some beach resorts; there are also free public beaches. The dog friendly beach is near the beach resort n ° 47. It’s forbidden to bring dogs in water.

Senigallia -Dog friendly beach

– Scooby.Doo Beach

– Baia Canaria

– Bagni 119 Blasco

– Bagni 157 Hotel Atlantic




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